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What is Copy Trading?

Welcome to a new era of investing with Copy Trading at 24markets.com!

Copy trading functions as a method to streamline your trading activities by replicating the trades of other investors. Particularly beneficial for beginners who may still be navigating the complexities of trading, it serves as an educational tool during the process. Additionally, for seasoned traders, copy trading provides the convenience of stepping away from their screens when needed, thanks to the automation of all trades. It becomes an appealing option for individuals lacking the time or expertise to independently manage investments, prompting many brokers to offer copy trading services. The availability of various platforms, some manual and others fully automated, allows users to observe trading activities effortlessly through their browser or mobile device.

What are the Benefits of Copy Trading?

Learn from the Pros

Explore the dynamics of global markets with Copy Trading, an excellent method for understanding their functioning. Gain insights from seasoned traders who share their signal strategies in trading forex, stocks, crypto, and various financial instruments.

Portfolio Diversification

The proverb "Avoid putting all your eggs in one basket" offers valuable counsel, promoting the potential for increased profitability. With Copy Trading, you can select from a variety of diversified strategies crafted from combinations of the most skilled traders.

Invest with limited market knowledge

You don't have to be an expert on USD/Bitcoin or global markets to embark on your trading journey. Just follow experienced traders, and when they succeed, so do you. It's as straightforward as that.

Establish a passive investment

Monitoring Copy Trading is effortless and doesn't demand extensive planning or effort. Simply assess the trader's strategy, investment levels, and risk appetite before following. Moreover, it's a flexible activity that you can engage in whenever it suits you.

Save Time

Save time with Copy Trading, eliminating the need for constant 24/7 market monitoring. Signal Providers, professionals trading for a living who understand the markets, handle the trading on your behalf.

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Protect your capital

Stop Loss, an account protection feature for your Copied Trades, to effectively minimize potential losses. This feature diligently monitors each trader's behavior and autonomously eliminates a trader upon detecting a deviation from the expected loss profile in their trading strategy.

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Start Copy Trading in 4 Simple Steps

  • Open a trading account Sign in to 24markets.com if you have an account; otherwise,
    create a real or demo account.
  • Click Start Social Trading Visit our Social Trading tab, explore and choose the best stock
    trader aligning with your risk appetite and investment levels.
  • Select the Trader Once you've identified the suitable Trader, click the "Copy"
    button, pick your desired investment funds, and select your
    preferred risk level.
  • Start your Copy Trading Journey Click the Copy button once more, and you'll be engaged in Copy
    Trading alongside professional traders in the market.
  • Start Copy Trading

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Need more trading information? Read our full FAQ section here →

Copy trading is a method that allows investors to replicate the trades of other successful traders. It streamlines trading activities by automating the process of copying trades, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

Copy trading involves selecting a trader whose trading strategy you want to follow. Once you've chosen a trader, the platform automatically copies their trades in real-time to your own investment account. This allows you to mirror the trading activities of skilled professionals without needing to actively manage trades yourself.

Copy Trading simplifies investing by allowing users to replicate the trades of experienced traders. It offers valuable learning opportunities, portfolio diversification through access to various strategies, and the ability to invest without extensive market knowledge. Additionally, Copy Trading saves time and effort by eliminating the need for constant monitoring.

To begin Copy Trading, users need to open an account with 24markets.com, either by signing in or creating a new account. They can then explore available traders, select one that matches their risk appetite and investment goals, and initiate copying by specifying investment funds and risk level. With a confirmation click, users can start copying trades in real-time.

24markets.com offers a Stop Loss feature to minimize potential losses. This feature monitors traders' behavior and automatically stops copying a trader if their trading strategy deviates from the expected loss profile.

Yes, you can become a provider by opening a provider account with 24markets.com. As a provider, you can share your trading strategy with others, allowing them to replicate your trades.

The cost associated with Copy Trading may vary depending on the platform and services offered. It's essential to review the fee structure of the platform you choose for Copy Trading.

While Copy Trading can be a valuable tool, success ultimately depends on the selection of a reliable trader and careful consideration of risk management. It's essential to research and monitor the performance of the traders you choose to copy regularly.